Does this sound like you? 

You’re a very small business owner or “solo-preneur.” You’re creative and passionate in your work. 

Your techie friends—or maybe your business coach—say you need an “online presence.”  They’re talking about a website and a blog and social media.    

It sounds good.  But it can be overwhelming.  After all, you want to spend your time on your work–not all this other stuff.

As a very small business owner, you can’t do everything.  You don’t have a marketing department or a staff writer.  There’s just you, wearing too many hats. hats2The Content Café supports individuals and small businesses with

blog writing and Twitter services. 

These are the most basic tools you need for your online presence.  And they are the most effective. 

I can also help you with customized services:  white papers, articles, business research, and strategizing your communications plan.

Why should you trust me? 

You shouldn’t.  You should check out my client testimonials and my portfolio.  

If you like my work, drop me a line.  I’d love to visit with you.